Red Ridge Bulloo


The Channel Country Ladies Day brings together women from across remote Western Queensland, far northern South Australia and northern New South Wales to inspire, empower and celebrate women of the outback.

At the heart of the event is the shared bonding of women.

Inspirational rural women headlined the 2013 event including 'agvocates' Marie Muldoon and Nell Brook, author Anita Heiss and sustainable agriculture pioneer Robyn Adams. The day featured workshops in mindfulness for positive mental health and wellbeing, grief and loss, understanding of sexuality, health and nutrition, and access to women's health professionals.

Red Ridge's partnership with this event is now in its third year supporting the Channel Country Ladies Day to offer women the opportunity to experiment with the arts, try their hand at new artistic skills, and confirm their identity as women of the outback.

An 'Artsbreak Area' engaged women in the arts for self-expression and the shaping of rural identity that both recognises local and national talent. Women described how it filled them with a sense of achievement and confidence to explore skills they had never tried while sparking new interests.

Encouraging women to see their potential through arts activities.
- Kristy McGregor, Event Coordinator.