Red Ridge projects in Longreach


The 'Voices from Yaraka' project produced a multimedia storyboards using photography, graphics and writing to tell the stories of those who live in and around Yaraka.

The project connected women in Yaraka through self-portrait photography and narrative writing, allowing them to explore their rural identities and to communicate their experiences.

Amplifying small communities' voices.
A one-day workshop was held in Yaraka where ten women and one brave man were taught skills in narrative writing and self-portrait photography. A collection of eighteen portraits with reflections were then submitted in the weeks following, forming a storyboard of life on the land and living in small communities. The art forms were collated into an exhibition, and culminated in a series of showcases at the QRRRWN Conference in Blackall, at the Melbourne Cup Lunch in Yaraka and now in Longreach. An online multi-media portrait has also complemented the travelling exhibition.

Art for mental health.
Collectively the storyboards allowed women to explore things that were important to them, including the difficulties of isolation. It tells the story of who they are, relative to their place and purpose, their life on the land and as women. Following the success of the pilot project, numerous communities have expressed interest in doing their own 'Voices from... ' project that encapsulates their community identity.

"The generosity of the human and heart voice touched each and every one of us."
Kristy McGregor, Artistic Director.


A collaborative partnership between Central West Hospital and Health Services (CWHHS) and Red Ridge brought together the worlds of art, culture and health.

The project was conceptualised by Clair Nunn, Nurse Unit Manager, Primary Health Care Team, CWHHS with Red Ridge providing logistics and facilitation support.

Public Art 'Connection to Country Stories and Health'.

Red Ridge brought people from different communities into a creative circle to paint as a collective of artists, share stories and promote Indigenous health. The result was the Iningai Health Arcade public art works. Clair Nunn is to be congratulated for her initiative and foresight to use the arts to help promote Indigenous health and for including Red Ridge as a partner.

Connecting communities – across the distance.

Representation by nine Indigenous artists from seven regional local government areas in the Central West and outer region came together in one location. They painted nine community canvas works as part of a regional public artwork for the Iningai Health Arcade consultation rooms with the purpose to promote Indigenous health. Red Ridge's approach provided a multi-layered, regional skilling program. It offered artists opportunities to grow personally and professionally while engaging with a community project to promote Indigenous health through art.

The result was an all-inclusive, regionally embraced program that recognised regional artists. A lasting reminder of their work is evident in an outstanding regional public artwork or the CWHHS that speaks about Indigenous health. Artists agreed that this was an important project. They were glad to share their creative skills and talent to support the promotion of regional Indigenous health through the Iningai Health Arcade.

"It's been an exciting journey for everyone involved."
Clair Nunn, Nurse Unit. Manager

Voices from Yakara

Iningai Health Arcade art workshop

Having fun working on project


The 'My Earth Calls' Exhibition aimed to strengthen Aboriginal identity by nurturing Indigenous cultural heritage and expression.

It provided an opportunity for leading and emerging Queensland Indigenous artists in our region to celebrate and share their culture through their arts practices. This curated exhibition gave artists a platform that enabled professional development, networking and the sale of their works.

Celebrating art and culture through art.

'My Earth Calls' Exhibition not only involved an exhibition space, but offered 'Getting Ready for Exhibition' workshops that supported artists to prepare, frame and hang exhibition works.

Investing in local talent.

A priority for Red Ridge is to recognise local artists, support them with professional development initiatives and establish career pathways that are purposeful and meaningful. In response, 'My Earth Calls' became a regional exhibition profiling Indigenous artists, showcasing a collection of works by artists from within the Interior Queensland region.

"The rich and vibrant colours of the contemporary and traditional Indigenous arts are renowned through the wider community".
-Jan Brown, Curator, My Earth Calls.

Sidewalk mural

Installation and opening