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In today's day, an age in which technology advances ever further into our homes and pockets, the traditions, culture and, in subsequence, the very history of our rural towns and communities may be lost in this technological transition. Red Ridge, an organisation that works with said rural communities, strives to protect the historical importance and culture of Australia's small towns and, of course, the people that live within them.

In doing so, Red Ridge hopes to prolong the stories and narratives of community elders, encourage the passing of traditional skills, help form vital relationships within the community and, in consequence, protect what makes Australia, to put it simply, Australia. Lost Art, a project hosted by Red Ridge, encompasses these goals in the hopes of empowering the values and traditions of local people.


'The Lost Art' studio animates a vacant shop space in the central business district of Blackall with unemployed people operating a social enterprise retail outlet. They meet daily, making and creating traditional leather craft; sharing the stories behind outback history and heritage.

Handmade craft such as stockmen's whips and hatbands, plaited belts, tobacco pouches, coin purses, passport and credit card holders as well as custom made items to order for locals and tourism markets who are looking for that unique handmade souvenir. All products are individually hand crafted from genuine kangaroo leather handmade in Outback Queensland.... Shop NOW!


Two Sisters Talking
Margie Sing


Bob Wilson 'Willo'


Story books, art books and aboriginal language books available for purchase.

Looking for Tucker is the first storybook in Wangkangurru, the language of the Wangkangurru/Yarluyandi people. With support from Red Ridge (Interior Queensland) it continues the trailblazing work of the Two Sisters Talking, as they work to promote and share their culture and language through art and stories.

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The Lost Art
Lance and Colin at The Lost Art
Lance and Colin holding plaited leather belts.
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