Cultural activities


Our success is often measured in the small groups spread across remote western Queensland who come together and express their creativity in arts and cultural activities, and in doing so break down isolation and create new and strong connections with their fellow citizens. We have enjoyed a variety of successes.

In 2012, we recorded the music of three elderly people from Alpha known as 'Just Us' who, over 50 years, played old time music in the dance hall every Friday night.

Red Ridge published an illuistrated book in the Aboriginal language of the Munga-thirri as told by two Wangakangarru /Yarluyandi women who wanted to share their language with younger generations before it was lost.

In 2014, we made a significant contribution to giving hope and purpose to unemployed and disabled young men in the Blackall community through a program that preserved and passed on the bushcraft leather skills of our pastoral heritage. In bringing together the generations of men in the community, we have also created a forum in which it is safe to discuss issues of men's physical and mental health.

In 2015, our goal is to expand the Bushcraft leather skills program to other towns and districts and share the skills learnt.

Making the community mural