Bob Wilson paintings

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Price: $650 (framed miniature)

Bob Wilson, or affectionately known as 'Willo' or 'leatherman', began life as a 'war baby', born in Allora, Queensland in 1944. He was adopted and has spent his life piecing together life's jigsaw which has delivered lots of surprises.

Educated in Goondiwindi and Moree N.S.W., Bob has been involved in many forms of art throughout his life. His first major art prize was a state wide N.S.W. road safety poster competition in Sydney, at the age of 14 winning 10 shillings, and 45 pence (a lot of money at the time). He later won a prize for a pencil sketch of an Indian on a horse in West Port Connecticut, U.S.A. From these early inspirations, Bob became a self-taught artist and has gone on to achieve many awards.

Bob's unique style is mostly large scale paintings, in the form of public murals, and he specialises in painting on miniature cigarette papers. The idea came about in his ringer days when he was caught out in the big wet with no paper left to draw on, after exhausting all supplies including jam tin labels, he began to draw on cigarette papers.

Bob's diverse talents has been represented in his artwork which includes oil paintings, murals, cigarette paper painting, leather work and whip making. Bob has been commissioned to paint for private collections working mainly in enamel, oil paints, acrylic and pencil. His large scale commissions include Black Stump Tourist Mural; Pioneer Bore; Hall of Flame at the Barcoo Hotel; Murals at the Coolibah Motel.

His love for painting animals, birds and especially horses and cattle has become his predominant subject material. A key influence on his creativity has been his early life amongst drovers, shearers and stockmen. Since 2003, he has kept in touch with the bygone era through his voluntary work at Blackall's Historical Woolscour.

Designs by request, special orders and enquiries to Bob 'Willo' Wilson
Mobile: 0474 535 967.


A collection of 11 murals that connects our heritage and history to traditional bush leather craft and stories of outback lifestyles.
Artwork by Bob Wilson inspired by his memories and those of local drovers and outback stockmen.

Price: $5